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Docker Hub Image Analysis is a product that provides comprehensive and reliable scanning of Docker images stored in Docker Hub. It ensures that images are free from vulnerabilities, malware, and other security risks, which can compromise the security and stability of your applications.

This feature is based on the same powerful technology of On-Premises Docker Image Scan, with easy-to-use feature like on-click Docker Hub account linking and automatically scanning.


  • Automated Scans: Automatically scans all images you select in Docker Hub, ensuring that they are secure and free from vulnerabilities. This helps to prevent security breaches and downtime caused by malicious or compromised images.
  • Vulnerability Detection: The product scans Docker images for known vulnerabilities, providing you with real-time alerts and detailed reports about any vulnerabilities detected. You can quickly identify and remediate any issues before they can impact your applications.
  • Malware Detection: The product also scans images for malware, which can be hidden in the code of applications or dependencies. This helps to prevent the spread of malware and other malicious attacks.


1. Generate Access Token

Go to Docker Hub Account page and follow the on-screen instruction to generate an Access Token directly from Docker Hub.

Please choose a read only token.

2. Send your user name and access token to Deepbits

Once generated, you need to provide Deepbits your Docker Hub user account name and the access token.

Click Add Account and Deepbits you're ready to go.

Please note:

Your access token is stored safely with AES-256 encryption in our database.

View Docker Hub details

After linking your account, you can go to the Docker Hub Details page to see all the repos under your Docker Hub account namespace.

And Deepbits will try to automatically fetch your Docker Hub repo changs every 6 hour.

You can aslo click the Refrsh Repos Changes button to get the latest changes.

Add a public Docker Hub repo

Apart from repos under you own namespace, you can also add public Docker Hub repos to Deepbits.

  1. Click the Add Public Docker Hub Image button
  2. Provide the URL of the Docker Hub repo, like
  3. Click Add

Once added, you can see the details of the image.

Please note, Deepbits will only save the latest 50 tags for each Docker Hub repo. Upon a scheduled or manual repo refresh, tags not in the latest 50 will be deleted from Deepbits, unless they have been scanned before.

Delete a public Docker Hub repo

You can remove a public Docker Hub repo from you repo list, simply click Delete button for a repo.

Please note: Repos under you linked Docker Hub account cannot be removed.

Actions on each image tag

  • View
    Clicking this button will redirect you to the image detail page, you can view more information on this image.
  • Watch
    You can watch on the image if haven't watched. By clicking this button deepbits will auto-scan your image either image change or our knowledge base updated. See pricing details below.
  • Rescan
    Trigger a scan on your ECR image if you want to refresh your scan result now.

Docker Hub image detail

You can check out On-premises image detail docs for this section, Docker Hub image detail is almost the same as On-Premises image detail.