Analyze a file

If you want to analyze a single binary file, you can use the On-premise file feature in Deepbits App.

Files supported

You can see a full list of supported files on this page.


Go to On-premises - files page, you can click the "upload file" button to upload a file.

Analyze Result

Once a file is uploaded successfully. We'll start to scan the file. The scanning process may take a few minutes. After the scan is complete you can see the analyzed result. The scan result includes a few sections.

File basic info

In this section you can see the basic file information like file name, hash, and scan time. You can also take some actions like rescanning it or deleting it.

Regulation Summary

The regulation policy executes result for this file. See more about regulation on the docs.

SBOM info

In this section you'll see the details about the package. About what the components inside this file and any CVE detected inside file components. If there's malware detected the detail panel will also show alerts.

  • Components tab - Show components analyzed in this file, you can check Type CVE, license version, etc. Also, you can filter components by package type.
  • CVE tab - Show all CVE found inside this file. You may want to check each CVE and prioritize high-risk items.

  • Each tab supports the sort feature by clicking the column title

Export SBOM info to another platform

We support exporting SBOM info in CycloneDX format. After export, you can import it into another platform like Dependency Track