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Figure 1: Overview of Deepbits Code AI Platform

Figure 1: Overview of Deepbits Code AI Platform

Built on years of top-notch academic research, Deepbits Platform ( illustrated in Figure 1), utilizes deep learning, specifically Large Language Models (LLMs), to reveal what your software depends on and contains, regardless of whether the source code is available or not.

Deepbits Platform provides the following core features.

  • End-to-end SBOM Management. It covers the complete lifecycle of SBOMs, including generation, distribution, and monitoring. It enables users to import software assets and automatically generates SBOMs without the need for source code. Efficiently sharing the SBOM with relevant stakeholders such as customers, partners, and regulatory bodies is facilitated. Additionally, continuous monitoring of the software supply chain allows for tracking changes, vulnerabilities, and updates related to the listed components. This ensures staying informed about security advisories, patches, and vulnerabilities to proactively address risks and maintain the integrity of the supply chain.
  • Code Quality Analysis. It conducts a holistic software evaluation, focusing on maintenance, security, popularity, and beyond. Gain a complete view of your software's strength and ensure it meets the highest quality standards.
  • License Analysis. Effortlessly manage open-source licenses with Deepbits. Our platform covers 550+ licenses, simplifying compliance and decision-making. Stay informed, stay compliant.
  • Real-Time Vulnerability Assessment. Discover known vulnerabilities embedded within your software, while also enjoying the peace of mind that comes from our continuous real-time monitoring of emerging threats. keeping you informed, protected, and always a step ahead.
  • In-Depth Reporting. Stay on top of your software landscape. Generate precise executive summaries, daily/monthly overviews, and attestation reports, all tailored for your software assets. Get insights on threats, the status of your assets, and more, ensuring comprehensive visibility and informed decision-making.
  • Memory Forensics. It is your go-to online service for effortless memory forensics. Say goodbye to the need for cybersecurity professionals, as this cutting-edge platform automatically performs memory dumps and analysis. With Deepbits, your computer's memory is periodically captured, enabling you to easily assess its security status and identify potential compromises. This service also conducts comprehensive scans to detect known vulnerabilities in running applications and promptly identifies any emerging threats.

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