RESTFul API Integration

The RESTful APIs for the Deepbits Platform allows for the following functionalities:

  • Programmatic Access to Platform Capabilities: Seamlessly integrate the power of the Deepbits Platform into your existing systems or automate workflows using our robust RESTful API. This feature enables users to control and access platform functionalities programmatically, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.
  • Versatile File Upload Options: Our API supports a wide range of file formats for upload, including executables, zip files, APKs, and Docker images. This feature caters to diverse needs, allowing users to analyze various software types and package formats with ease.
  • Real-Time Analysis Results Retrieval: Gain instant access to detailed analysis results post-upload. The API provides comprehensive insights into the behavior and potential security risks associated with the uploaded files, offering an essential tool for thorough software examination.
  • Customized Alert System Based on Predefined Rules: Stay ahead of security threats with our tailored alert system. Set up specific rules and receive notifications through the API when these criteria are met. This proactive approach to monitoring ensures prompt detection and response to any unusual activity or potential risks detected by the platform.

Using the RESTful APIs, users can upload software to our online free DeepSCA and DeepMalware or the Deepbits Platform for analysis.

Warning: DeepSCA and DeepMalware are public free tools. Other users can access your uploaded data on the main page of these free tools. If you wanna keep your data private, please use Deepbits Platform to upload and analyze your software.