SBom/SaasBOM Builder

SBom builder inspects a piece of generic software (see all the inputs formats we support) and identifies its components. For each software component, we identify the following information:

  • Type (application, framework, library and so on)
  • License (See here for a full license list we support)
  • Version
  • Vulnerabilities (CVE identifies)

SaaSBOM focuses on cloud-native applications and identifies

  • Services
  • Endpoints
  • Data-flows

Online demo

We provide an online demo for SBOM builder. Users can upload various types of files for analysis, such as APK packages, JAR packages, docker images, source code files, software manifests, docker images or even binaries. Below is a screenshot.

  • Each row is a sketch for an uploaded file. It contains the information such as the number of components, the number of vulnerabilities, and licenses.
  • Users can click SBOM button to go to the details.
Screenshot of the SBOM builder online demo

Screenshot of the SBOM builder online demo

  • The detail page breaks down the information for each component identified by the SBOM builder. See below screenshot. User can click the Export SBOM button to get a complete document describing the SBOM information.