A fast and accurate x86/ARMv8 disassembler

DeepDi is built to fully utilize CPU/GPU parallelism to provide disassembly results accurately and efficiently, and currently supports x86/x64/ARMv8 ELF and PE files. It is 2x faster than IDA Pro on CPU and 350x faster on GPU*.


  • Fast and accurate x86/x64/ARMv8 disassembler
  • Obfuscation resilient
  • GPU acceleration
  • Good scalability
  • Python interface
  • Produce disassembly instructions and function boundaries

Online Demo

We provide an online disassembler powered by DeepDi. It visualizes disassembly texts and control flow graphs.

Binary Release

We offer a community edition free for non-commercial use only. More details can be found in our GitHub repository.


[USENIX Security'22] Sheng Yu, Yu Qu, Xunchao Hu, and Heng Yin, DeepDi: Learning a Relational Graph Convolutional Network Model on Instructions for Fast and Accurate Disassembly, in the 31st USENIX Security Symposium, August 2022.

* Evaluated on AMD Ryzen 3900x, single-threaded, and on NVIDA RTX 2080Ti.